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About FSR

The Financial Study association Rotterdam (FSR) is the study association for students interested in (Quantitative) Finance, Accounting and Controlling at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, both at the Erasmus School of Economics and the Rotterdam School of Management. In total, the FSR has around 2000 members. The goal of the FSR is to create a link between theory - as it is taught in universities - and the versatile financial world in practice. This is accomplished by organizing various prestigious activities like the International Banking Cycle, the International Research Project, the Corporate Finance Competition and the Asset Management Tour. Other activities include workshops, company visits, study trips and company drinks.
Furthermore, the FSR offers partners the possibility to promote internships, Business Courses, Traineeships, In-house days or other recruitment events.

Benefits of the FSR

  • Access to 2000 ambitious Bachelor 3 and Master Students focused on Finance and Accounting
  • The largest independent study association of Rotterdam. Our members study at the ESE as well as at the RSM.
  • Access to all Financial Study associations within the Netherlands (FAN). The following associations are affiliated with the FAN: Rotterdam (FSR), Amsterdam (FSA), Groningen (Risk), Maastricht (Scope Focus) and Tilburg (Asset Accounting & Finance)
  • A specialized intermediary between master’s degree students and potential employers
  • Experienced with organizing big events, such as the International Banking Cycle and the International Research Project.
  • Ability to target a specific group of students by mailing or use one of the other exposure possibilities

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