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Erasmus Banking Summit

On the 12th of September the FSR will organize the FSR Erasmus Banking Summit. The summit will be the official kick-off for the academic year 2017-2018 for the Financial Study Association Rotterdam but the summit will be open to all students.

The goal of the Erasmus Banking Summit is to discuss topical issues in the world of banking. This year the topic of the Summit will be sustainable banking. During the summit there will be discussed how this is already affecting banks and how this will affect the future of banking. The topic sustainable banking will be approached from different perspectives so the students can form their own critical view. Thereby we want to provide students with valuable insights on the issue. We will do this by welcoming prominent figures in the world of banking, who can shed light on the topic and inform the students about the measures taken to prevent another financial crisis which was due to an absent sustainable system. At the end of the summit there will be a panel discussion and the students will get the chance to ask questions to the speakers.


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