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B&R Beurs

Erasmus Investment Society

B&R Beurs is the student investment society of Erasmus University Rotterdam. The mission of the society is to help its members learn about investing. They shape this purpose by different means such as the B&R Academy, during which members are taught about the financial sector by veteran members of the society and guest lecturers. Furthermore, the theory about investing is put into practice during their investment competition. Investing takes place on a group level, with groups ranging from seven to twenty students. Each member can choose the investment group that suits him or her best.

In May B&R Beurs and FSR organize together the Investment Week and Investment Symposium. This is the largest event about investments for students in the Netherlands. The Investment Week and Symposium offer students the opportunity to get in touch with more exclusive companies that have limited exposure on campus. The Investment Week and Investment Symposium are both a valuable platform for ambitious student to get in touch with hedge funds, private equity firms and trading companies.

If you want to know more about B&R Beurs, you can visit You can also contact the secretary via the following contact details:

T: 010 - 408 1905

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