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Corporate Finance Committee


f.l.t.r.: Matthias Hoezen, Kirsten den Boer, Iris Janssen, Berend Smit 2016-2017

As a corporate finance committee member you are responsible for organizing two major events: the Valuation and the Corporate Finance Competition.

The Valuation
The Valuation event is a 2-day training program which teaches the fundamentals of popular valuation techniques used by investment banking practitioners. During the two days program you will be taught how to bring valuation theory into practice.

Day 1 - You will be taught the fundamentals of popular corporate valuation techniques used by investment banking practitioners. The training will be offered by Training The Street, the world's leader in providing instructor-led courses in financial modeling and corporate valuation. These courses are offered at Investment Banks, business schools and universities around the world at for example Harvard, INSEAD and New York University

Day 2 - You will be testing your valuation skills during workshops of various Corporate Finance companies. This gives you the opportunity to excel and impress them with your knowledge and at the same time get familiar with their Advisory departments. This day will be organized in a hotel in Rotterdam and includes a dinner with both companies in the evening.

Corporate Finance Competition
The FSR organizes the Corporate Finance Competition in cooperation with several leading companies. During this event, students will get acquainted with corporate finance through making different cases guided by the hosting companies. Participants will be offered the opportunity to get a better insight in the issues related to corporate finance, learn more about the insights of corporate finance, have the opportunity to develop their presentation skills and broaden their network. As a committee member you will be responsible for organizing this two day event.

Events: The Valuation & Corporate Finance Competition
Time period: November 2016 – April 2017
Deadline: 11th of September 2016
Committee composition: 2 committee members, 2 board members


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