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Meet the current board of FSR

The XIXth board of the Financial Study association Rotterdam.


Applying for a board year at a study or student association is something every ambitious student should consider. Every year the FSR offers this opportunity to a group of six students. Taking this responsibility certainly is huge challenge, but afterwards you will realize the value of this experience.

At the FSR, you will become a representative of the largest independent study association of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Our study association organizes high quality events for all students with an interest in Finance, Accounting & Control at the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) and the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM). We offer students in the last stage of their study the possibility to explore the world of Finance and Accounting. With our professional network we can guarantee that our activities are challenging and offer new insights to the participants.

A board year is a unique experience. First of all it is a team process, working together with your fellow board members is essential. You will build a close relation with them at a social as well as a professional level. Furthermore it is a great way to develop yourself as a person as you will be confronted with numerous challenges. In these different situations you discover your own strengths and weaknesses. Second, a board year at the FSR is the best preparation for your own professional career. The contact with professionals from different industries enables you to explore your own future ambitions. Lastly, a board year is the perfect opportunity to distinguish yourself from your fellow students.

On average you will spend 40 hours a week on your tasks as a board member of the FSR. The FSR board consists of six positions; President, Vice President, Treasurer, Commissioner External Relations, Commissioner Activities and Commissioner Finance Activities. Whether you are organizing a professional event or preparing one of the social activities with all active members, you will become responsible for the whole study association and that is what makes a full-time position at the FSR so unique.

Read about the experiences of (former) board members of the FSR in Perspective. If you are interested in a board year or if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! 



Thomas Van Agtmaal

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