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European Finance Tour Committee


f.l.t.r: Diederik Verbeek, Matthias Hoezen, Victor de Lange, Bart Beelen,  2016-2017

Every year a selected group of 20 students will get the opportunity to explore one of Europe’s financial metropolises. This European Finance Tour (EFT) consists of numerous in-house days in both the Netherlands and abroad. For students with an interest in finance this trip offers the possibility to experience the international differences within corporate business styles.

Some of the past destinations include Paris, Istanbul, Zurich and Frankfurt. The participants visited a broad range of companies; banks, financial institutions and the providers of corporate services. The EFT provides a combination of formal as well as informal activities. The different in-house days offer students the chance to work out real life cases, often combined with an informal drink reception. This way the participants can meet and speak with the company employees in an informal manner.

The EFT committee is responsible for the organization of this trip. This year we will travel to another interesting destination and together with the participants we will definitely offer an unforgettable experience.

Events: European Finance Tour
Time period: November 2016 – May 2017
Application deadline: 11th of September 2016
Committee composition: 3 committee members, 1 board member


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