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Financiële Associatie Nederland (FAN)


The Financial Association Netherlands (FAN) is a national platform to improve the relationship between the different financial study associations and companies in The Netherlands. Five different study associations from Amsterdam (FSA), Groningen (RISK), Maastricht (Scope| Focus), Tilburg (Asset | Accounting & Finance) and Rotterdam (FSR) are connected within the FAN.

The main objective of this organization is to close the gap between theory and the corporate world. Within the FAN, the opinion is shared that on the one hand cooperation on a national level results in providing better information towards the student and on the other hand creates extra opportunities for companies. Because of the existence of the FAN, companies get the possibility to target students at a national level. 

The FAN organizes the Multinational Battle and sends e-mails collectively. Furthermore, the different members of the FAN have their own portfolio of activities throughout the academic year as well, in order to satisfy the diverse interests and needs of the Dutch financial students. These events vary from in-house cycles, business courses, study trips, workshops and congresses. Due to this, members of these associations are receiving a lot of information and hopefully they are capable of making the right decision with respect to the start of their professional career. 

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