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Financial Business Cycle Committee


f.l.t.r.: Matthias Hoezen, Joris van der Zee, Sebastian Snijders, Loes van der Jagt 2016-2017

The Financial Business Cycle Committee is responsible for the organization of two major events of the Financial Study association Rotterdam, being the Financial Business Cycle (FBC) and the Traders Master Class.

The Financial Business Cycle
The Financial Business Cycle offers students the opportunity to learn more about the different aspects of finance. The finance committee will organize multiple in-house days. Participation gives students the possibility to get to know the different business segments and experience the corporate business styles. The participating companies include banks, consultants, trading companies, multinationals and an insurance company.

The Traders Master Class
The Traders Master Class focuses on students with an interest in trading. This training is open for both students with some experience as well as students without any experience in trading. During the session students will receive professional training in equity trading. The purpose of this class is to provide the students knowledge and new insights which can be applied in practice.

As the Finance committee we are looking forward to organize these events and we hope to see you during your participation!

Events: Financial Business Cycle & Traders Master Class
Time period: October 2016 – January 2017
Application deadline: 11th of September 2016
Committee composition: 3 committee members, 1 board member

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