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Perspective Editorial Committee


f.l.t.r.: Sara Indelicato, Rick Strengnaerts, Jan-Daan Maasland, Catello Alvino 2016-2017

Perspective is the FSR online magazine. The editorial committee will be responsible for the publication of four issues of the Perspective this year.

We will continue to cover interesting topics related to the broad field of finance and accounting.

Our drive this year is to set a milestone for the Perspective by providing our readers with depth of knowledge and inspiration. Four editions will be published this year, each covering a different theme, enriched with articles, columns and interviews from industry professionals. The combination of financial and accounting views will enhance the content so that our reader gets a complete package. Moreover, the Perspective will also provide more on the various FSR activities and gives students an inside look in companies.

Time period: September 2016 – July 2017
Deadline: 11th of September 2016
Committee composition: 2 committee members, 1 board member


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