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International Research Project Committee


f.l.t.r.: Kirsten den Boer, Robert van Dijk, Paulien Zhu, Niek Cuperus, Lotte Witbreuk

The International Research Project (IRP) committee organizes one of the biggest events of the FSR, a two week research trip to a far-away destination. This project does not only take place in the Netherlands, but also two weeks in an international location.

The IRP will start in December 2016 with trainings and workshops in the Netherlands. These workshops will teach you skills that will not only help you during the project but will contribute to your professional and personal development as well. During the project you are going to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. The IRP offers you the opportunity to work at a high level in a fast-moving economy and it provides a valuable learning experience during your studies. In the second week of May the team of 20 students will travel to Brasil to provide professional consultancy services for international companies. In previous years, interesting places as Kuala Lumpur, Boston, Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Mumbai, Delhi and Santiago de Chile have been visited. This year another interesting location will be visited.

The project can host a maximum of 20 students with a background in finance and accounting, who will be selected by the committee.

Prior to the trip the participants will be offered company visits and master classes/guest lectures. During the trip several company visits are planned as well as a cultural program is offered to learn more about the country and enjoy the beauty of the country. The students will work on their research project during the international visit and will conclude it with a research paper for which they can earn 4 ECTS.

As a committee member, you are also a participant of the project including doing the research and writing a paper. In addition you have the organizational responsibility to make sure everything goes well on the location. Joining the IRP Committee is the perfect way to meet students, teachers and companies from varying sectors. As an IRP committee member you have the opportunity to develop yourself in many ways.

The IRP is one of the biggest activities of the FSR and besides the program there will be enough informal opportunities to expand your network.

If you want to learn more about the trip please feel free to ask one of the committee members or come by our FSR office at H14-06.

Event: International Research Project
Time period: August 2016 - June 2017
Application Deadline: 10th of July 2016
Committee composition: 4 committee members, 1 board member

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