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Investment Week Committee


From left to right: Sander van Dam, Ruben Jakobs, Sebastiaan Smits, Jasper Bal, Eline Boink, Vidar van Essen, Gwendoline Eijsvogel, Sebastian Snijders, Inge van der Aalst.

The Investment Week committee, as its name suggests, organizes the highly regarded Investment Week. During the Investment Week students will be able to get a unique insight in the world of investments: Sales & Trading, Private Equity, Asset Management and Hedge Funds. The event will be in May.

Moreover, during the Investment Week the Symposium will be organized. The Symposium has grown tremendously in size. For the upcoming year the aim is to scale up once again. For the 2016 edition the Investment Week will offer participants the chance to meet companies during workshops and the Symposium will be the culmination of the week, hosting leaders in their respective fields.

The Investment Week is jointly organized by B&R Beurs and FSR. Therefore, this committee will be composed of members from both B&R Beurs and FSR. As a committee member of the Investment Week committee you will work closely with both associations. The committee will take care of event planning, marketing strategy and execution, corporate communication and day-to-day management of the Investment Week. This is a unique opportunity to prove your skills and gain more insights in the world of investments!

Events: The Investment Week and Symposium (in May)
Time period: November 2015 – May 2016
Application deadline: 11th of September 2016
Committee composition: FSR and B&R Beurs (B&R Beurs membership is obligatory)

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