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Column Active member - Tom Lemij


In September 2016 I have started my MSc Finance and Investments. I always had a keen interest in the financing and banking sector. To get acquainted with the versatile world of investment banking, I applied for the International Banking Cycle (IBC) committee. Together with Matthias Hoezen, Eline Tetteroo and Jolyn Ji we have organized the IBC 2016. Being responsible for the event has helped me in what to pursue in my career.

The experience allows you to be in contact with renowned banks such as J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley. During the two-week cycle in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, an intensive program with each bank that consists of real life workshops, presentations, and drinks allows you to get familiar with the operational practices, people, and business cultures in major investment banks. More importantly, it gives a clear insight of career opportunities at major investment banks and allows to get a first-hand understanding of the dynamics in mergers and acquisitions and capital markets.  

As a member of the committee, you are privileged with the opportunity to meet all eight international investment banks behind the scenes, which provides you with valuable insights in the world of investment banking. Connecting on a one-on-one basis with various banks allows you to experience the banks up front. Personally, the event has guided me in which discipline I would like to pursue in the financial world.

I strongly recommend each student in their last year of their study with a keen interest in financing and banking to apply for the IBC. Each year investment  banks recruit students for internships and full-time positions. I also recommend each student with an interest in financing, accounting, and controlling to apply for a committee at the FSR, this is a great experience and helps to build your resume.

Best regards,

Tom Lemij


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