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NN Investment Partners

About us

NN Investment Partners is the asset manager of NN Group N.V., a publicly traded corporation. NN Investment Partners is head-quartered in The Hague, The Netherlands. NN Investment Partners manages in aggregate approximately EUR 195 bln* (USD 205 bln*) in assets for institutions and individual investors worldwide. NN Investment Partners employs over 1,000 staff and is active in 15 countries across Europe, U.S., Latin America, Asia and Middle East.

Strength in partnership

Since April 7th 2015 we are proud to be NN Investment Partners. A new name for a company with a successful heritage going back

170 years. Rooted in commercial banking and insurance, we remain a multi-boutique asset manager with a wide and successful product range. Our new name captures what we stand for: how we want

to service our clients and grow the business. We want to engage with our clients as a partner who provides them with solutions and addresses their needs and we will continue investing in research, services, products and people for optimum results.

Our Philosophy

Every company has its strengths and ours are in active management, generating income and sustainable investments. Our investment style is to identify unrecognised opportunities ahead of consensus and deliver value to our clients in a highly risk controlled and trans- parent manner.


  • Deep investment heritage since 1845
  • Global reach with a local focus
  • Wide range of client-oriented investment solutions, strategies and advisory services
  • Active management in pursuit of attractive investment returns
  • Strong risk management to protect clients

We believe that above-benchmark returns can be:

  • generated by focusing proprietary research on inefficiencies in the    markets    and    identifying    unrecognised    value
  • enhanced by establishing a multi-boutique organisational struc- ture that empowers portfolio management teams to apply their own unique investment approaches and holds them accountable for the results
  • delivered consistently in conjunction with a state-of-the-art diag- nostics and risk management infrastructure
  • supported by robust client service and business management capabilities within the investment engine

Our Investment Solutions

The worldwide scope and local presence of NN Investment Partners enable us to offer clients a wide variety of investment products and solutions across asset classes, geographies and styles. We use our knowledge and track record in  managing

liquid and Illiquid assets to generate income, multi-strategy invest- ment and fiduciary innovation.

  • Fixed Income
  • Equity 
  • Multi-Asset

Our partners

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